LEAN-Transformation of a Maintenance & Engineering Division 

In case of Cargolux Airlines

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Transformation of Cargolux Airlines Maintenance & Engineering Division

Gain insight into how Lumics supported the lean transformation initiative of Cargolux Airlines International S.A.'s Maintenance and Engineering Division.

A continuously growing fleet demanded revamping of maintenance strategy

The rapid growth of Cargolux's all-Boeing 747 fleet in recent years to 30 aircraft led the company's management team to seek the most efficient solution to increasing maintenance demand. As a result, a lean transformation initiative in the Maintenance and Engineering Division was implemented.

Lumics supported this lean transformation using a holistic, bottomup approach

A holistic approach ensured that the lean transformation captured every relevant maintenance and engineering procedure, and that all impacted teams were supported in the best possible way. This required close scrutiny of diverse processes and the organizational steering during the diagnosis phase. Crucial to this approach was an analysis of employees' thoughts and feelings and how they perceive their workplace. This bottom-up method guaranteed the integration of employees at all levels.

Identification of levers, shared conceptualization, and conducting lean trainings

During the diagnosis phase, various methods and tools were applied to analyze the status quo. Upon its conclusion, nine improvement levers were jointly identified and the findings provided the basis for the project team to create cutting-edge concepts and an implementation plan, both of which were released by the project review board. To foster a smooth transition, Lumics designed a tailor-made training program for lean management methods, tools, and mindset for all maintenance and engineering staff as well as its leadership team.

Increased efficiency, transparency, and a new path to collaboration

Implementation of a customized lean transformation of Cargolux Airlines International S.A.'s Maintenance and Engineering Division improved efficiency. The focus on daily KPIs also facilitated increased transparency. Most importantly, however, the introduction of lean thinking and, as a result, a shared understanding established a new path to collaboration between the different teams.
It was absolutely the right idea to start the lean transformation together with Lumics. The successful combination of methodological knowledge from Lumics and the specialist input from our employees ensured that our efficiency and transparency could be increased. Besides that, the training program helped us a lot to incorporate lean thinking, methods and tools in our daily routine.
Mr. Onno Pietersma
About the authors:
Christian Fontius
Christian Fontius
former Principal Aviation MRO
Christian, based in the Hamburg office, is a principal working for Lumics since June 2016. He is well experienced in operational leadership and aviation as e.g. Director Component- and Base Maintenance at Austrian Airlines. Christian worked as professional precision mechanic as well as management consultant. His focus is on transformation and realignment in aviation and MRO with transnational challenges in corporate groups.
Christian Schüberl
Christian Schüberl
Project Manager Aviation MRO
Christian is a project manager working for Lumics since January 2017 and is also based in the Hamburg office. He focuses primarily on international transformation projects in the aviation MRO industry. Before joining Lumics he gained working, leadership, and consulting experience in the airline industry.