Characteristics of the industry

The aviation industry continues to grow and we assume that passenger numbers will nearly have doubled within the next 15 years. This development will challenge all businesses in the industry as the processes for aviation products and services can change quickly, are subject to daily fluctuations and generally have a high complexity. In addition, strict safety requirements and regulations need to be met.

Typical challenges

  • How can operational excellence be ensured within all internal processes?
  • Are the organizational structures appropriate to cope with arising challenges?
  • How are complex structures and processes managed?
  • Are resources used efficiently and are all processes aligned with customer needs?
  • How are the skills of our associates integrated into a changing environment taking into account digitization and industry 4.0?

Fields of consultancy


  • OEMs increasingly face the challenge of meeting their customers growing demand for aircraft and component timely availability while ensuring their own operational profitability. Digitization changes both the requirement profiles and the working methods of all involved
  • Efficient production processes, transparent control mechanisms and the further development of skills and capabilities help companies persist competitive


  • Airlines find themselves in intensifying price pressure. Especially for legacy carriers with established structures, it is increasingly difficult to introduce a competitive product into the market
  • The demands of customers have grown and nowadays range from the cheapest possible product to exquisite VIP experiences. Airlines have to decide which customers they want to focus on

  • Despite all these challenges, quality and punctuality cannot suffer
  • A distinct positioning as well as market orientation enables the airlines to react in a focused, innovative and agile manner to the requirements of both customers and competitors
  • Process orientation, lean structures and clearly defined improvement initiatives – both internally and externally – are key to success




  • Not only are airports the central point of contact for passengers, they also facilitate a large number of companies, all of which are necessary to ensure a smooth passenger flight experience
  • The coordination of highly complex real-time processes as well as the efficient usage of existing infrastructure represent major challenges regarding increasing passenger numbers
  • Transparent and harmonized processes with defined goals are essential to successfully tackle complexity. Additionally, the use and integration of modern technologies enables faster communication and flexible adaptation of operations

Service provider

  • The aviation industry consists of a wide variety of very specialized service providers. Whether in procurement, logistics, IT or other areas – everyone tries to stand their ground by satisfying customer needs
  • Lean, agile and innovative company structures increase the attractiveness for customers and enable quick adjustments of services. Moreover, successful partnerships also require transparent service provision

Consulting services

Fitness checks

  • A fitness check is a brief diagnosis of our clients processes carried out with all participants during one to four weeks
  • Considering the clients individual prerequisites a standard procedure is applied to determine the current fitness of the client
  • As a result of the fitness check, our client receives an assessment and suggestions for possible improvement approaches

Performance management

  • Transparency within a company is a basic prerequisite for assessing current performance and identifying possible fields for improvements
  • We speak of performance management as soon as transparency is used to track goals and progress and to solve problems at all company levels
  • We support our clients introducing and further developing their performance management on site and across all hierarchical levels

Operational excellence – improvement initiatives

  • We use transformation projects to implement sustainable efficiency improvement measures by following a standardized and well-proven six-step project approach that involves both executive management and employees
  • We support our clients consistently aligning their company to its processes. Often it is necessary to re-organize the divisions in order to shift from a vertical to a horizontal – therefore a process-oriented – value chain. This is what we call a matrix organization

Project management

Clients would like to initiate internal improvement projects or programs but do not have sufficiently trained in-house project managers. Our experienced consultants can easily fill this gap

Lean and management training

As an implementation consultancy specializing in lean and process management, we offer our clients different modular trainings in all ranges of lean management as well as executive trainings


  • Development of a group-wide concept for the improvement of target processes and the corresponding management structure at Deutsche Lufthansa
  • Implementation of a performance dialog and other lean elements in a service center in Krakow with the aim of increasing productivity and reducing RTD


Christian Collingro, Principal Industry Practice Aviation Solution

Christian Collingro

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