Comprehensive industry expertise

The origins of our consulting services are closely linked to the aviation industry. We now successfully use the expertise we have gained there over many years in the optimization of demanding processes in many other industries. To this end, we have bundled our know-how into five "Industry Practices". Please feel free to gain a deeper insight.
Aviation industry
This is where our roots and our many years of experience in dealing with safety-critical processes lie. We advise airlines, MRO providers as well as airport operators.
Maritime industry
The production of highly complex products is very cost-intensive. This is why shipyards are increasingly adapting the LEAN concept. We support them not only with advice but also with action.
Land mobility, Manufacturing and Logistics
We have already applied our LEAN - Know How several times also in projects in other industries. No matter whether it is rail vehicle maintenance and operation, construction projects, the metal industry or supply chain management for companies in any industry.
Industry Practice

Maintenance, Repair and Overhault

Lumics helps companies to improve complex maintenance processes or to make optimal use of existing capacities by reducing lead times.
Industry Practice


Intelligent production and service processes help aviation companies to deal with difficult conditions such as fluctuations in capacity utilization and high safety requirements.
Industry Practice

Railway, Construction & Land Transport

Through lean management, companies in the rail, construction and logistics sectors can, for example, increase the efficiency of their maintenance or improve their fleet availability...
Industry Practice

Manufacturing and Services

Lumics helps companies in the manufacturing and service sector to define and optimize their core and support processes along the entire value chain.
Industry Practice


Lumics helps companies in the maritime industry to reduce their throughput times by synchronizing the trades involved and increasing standardization...
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