our approach

Our Approach

The best solutions are the result of dialog. We work at eye level and find the best way to excellence with our clients. Together we identify potential, develop suggestions for improvement and accompany their implementation. To this end, we work with proven management methods, accompanying communication and training. Sustainable improvements can only be achieved on the basis of a deep understanding of the needs of all parties involved. Our teams therefore always connect the worlds of our joint venture partners: Technology and management, implementation and leadership. Strong practitioners and experienced consultants work side by side with us. We also build this bridge for our clients.

Authentic - In a business suit or a boiler suit

Tandem with the client

We enable our clients to improve themselves. To this end, we rely on comprehensive coaching and work with our clients according to the tandem approach: Moving together with distributed roles.

Coaching instead of instructing

Already in the preparation and diagnosis phase, we work as a team with our client. We take time to understand where the real problems lie. In management or on the shop floor: We observe, listen and give a helping hand. This is the only way we can make a well-founded diagnosis and develop suitable solutions together.
Once the path has been defined, the client takes control and steers his company in the right direction. We help push the pedals to give you the necessary momentum: When it comes to change, we inspire not only managers, but also the mechanics and technicians. 
 We promote the dialog between employees and managers, reduce resistance and give each individual the opportunity to participate in the implementation.

Empowering and motivating employees

Design and stabilization in tandem ensure that our clients optimize their processes in a truly sustainable manner. Because we enable employees to improve their work processes independently now and in the future. In the long term, we provide a clear description of roles and responsibilities for tracking. 
Our consulting efforts not only promote the success of the company, but also increase the motivation of its employees. We want them to experience the joy of working again. Instead of hierarchies, we focus on proximity and thus bring people together.

Getting better together

"Working together" is the key to our consulting success. That is to say:

We involve the entire organization in the change process - from the executive board to the shop floor.

We build bridges between departments to open the view for the whole and create transparency.

We create awareness for efficient interaction and operational excellence at all levels.

Our Principles

We attach importance to authenticity and are not afraid to put on the boiler suit ourselves.
Experienced technicians work side by side with management specialists in our consulting teams. This results in well thought-out and at the same time realistic solutions.
Bottom up
We get in knee-deep to see for ourselves how we can solve the problems in the best possible way.
implementation strength
All hierarchical levels are integrated in our consulting process, which enables us to act effectively.
Through our experience in aviation, we know: The smallest errors can cause great difficulties. We therefore work with 100% precision and reliability.

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