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Since our foundation, we have advised companies from very different industries and supported them in achieving their goals. This has enabled us to continuously expand our expertise to sectors beyond the aviation industry. Here you can find out more about specific projects and consulting content.
Project examples

Deutsche bahn cargo ag

Starting situation
  • Three LEAN initiatives have failed over the past ten years. Management and production do not act as a team. The management does not exemplify given communication methods and apportions blame instead of giving constructive feedback.
  • Planning and control are person-dependent and follow no logic.
  • Material supply takes place without significant digital support and consequently shows strong differences between actual and book inventory.
Project setup
  • 24 month OPEX project with six month start-up support by consulting with implementation of two of five transformation cells
  • Consultant (100%), Senior Consultant (100%) and Project Manager (20%)
  • Project team per location consisting of plant manager (20%), work area manager (50%), LEAN manager (OPEX 100% resource)
Project goals and procedure
  • 17% increase in efficiency per site by 2021
  • Development of a transformation structure based on targets for the key figures of the P&C, product management, management and production divisions.
  • Development of a focus topic for measuring success after six months (revision)
  • Tandem model to qualify the field managers in the role of project manager and to accompany the foremen
  • Optimization of interfaces and introduction of escalation logic Activation of cascade and performance dialogs from craftsmen to craftsmen
project examples


  • 7800 employees worldwide 95 aircraft 122 passenger destinations, 44 cargo destinations
Project focus and goal
  • Execution of a lean transformation project (diagnosis, design, implementation) for selected component workshops for TAT optimization
  • Training and coaching of the involved areas in lean principles and methods for the internal development of competencies
Tools and methods
  • Identification of the main causes of long ACTs with focus on inventories, inefficiencies, waste and interface processes (e.g. logistics)
  • Identification of waste within workshop processes through shift observations and multi-moment observations
  • Development and planning of improvement measures with the areas involved through cross-functional improvement workshops
  • Setting up project governance for active implementation control
  • Implementation of training to strengthen methodical and operational knowledge with regard to lean principles
  • 50% reduction of ACT in the selected workshops
  • Reduction of WIP stocks by more than 50
  • Introduction of a robust performance management cascade from the shop floor to the executive board
Project examples


  • 3300 employees
Project focus and goal
Improving the efficiency of planning and scheduling processes in order to reduce the purchase of external services
Reduction of maintenance costs in the blast furnace area
Tools and methods
  • Development and implementation of a uniform maintenance process through message creation, gatekeeping, work planning, scheduling, maintenance execution and feedback
  • Training and coaching of a maintenance task force in order to be able to transform other areas independently
  • Significant reduction of external service costs in the pilot areas
  • Maintenance task force trained as a powerful and motivated change force
Project Examples

Maintenance Operations at AIDA and costa

  • Costa Crociere S.p.A:
  • Headquarters: Genoa & Rostock
  • Ships: 10 AIDA, 15 Costa
  • 19000 employees
  • Project focus and goal
  • Analysis of the connection between maintenance and technical faults
  • Identification of process optimization potentials and simplification of maintenance on board and ashore
  • Evaluation of performance management and reporting systems
  • Tools and methods
  • Three-week analysis on board the Adidablu & Costa Fscionsa: Interviews with officers, ship observation and data analysis
  • Three-week analysis of the headquarters in Genoa & Rostock: Interviews with technical directors, key functions and data analysis
  • Results
  • No direct link between maintenance and incident rates
  • Potential for process optimization in all areas analyzed
  • Necessity of successful management of ongoing processes

Lufthansa Group

  • Lufthansa Group:
  • Approx. 118,000 employees
  • Products: Airline
  • Project focus and goal
  • Goal: Effective lean organization based on group-wide process orientation to increase the competitiveness of the LH Group
  • Create transparency regarding the LH Group processes and related efforts
  • Development of scenarios for the improvement of the key areas/function of the LH Group, e.g. network & fleet planning, revenue management, product development
  • Definition of new inclusive roles and responsibilities
  • Tools and methods
  • Process coaches for each work stream lead as support and as a regular sparring partner to solve problems
  • Methods manual for work stream leads as a template and recommendation for further action
  • Results
  • Ready concept for an improved group-wide target process and management structures for key areas
  • New organizational structure to effectively implement process adjustments