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International conference – NOFOMA 2018

June 14, 2018 –  Lumics employees and alumni presented their latest research on process orientation at the international conference “NOFOMA 2018 – Relevant Logistics and Supply Chain Management Research” in Kolding, Denmark. The presentation on “Process orientation – An approach to optimize cross-company supply chains” outlined the results of a large-volume empirical study by Lumics […]
Lumics Team

Meet us in Amsterdam – Lumics Consulting at the MRO Europe 2018

In 2017 Lumics Consulting has exhibited for the first time at the MRO Europe in London.  Today we are looking back to this thoroughly successful event as the MRO Europe remains a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and insights with experienced people from across the industry and all over the world. As we continuously work […]

Lumics Project Story: Health check reveals additional potentials for Luxair Technics

By applying an established and customized Aviation MRO health check additional potentials to increase efficiency, aircraft availability and cost reductions were identified
by Detlev Jeske, Christian Schüberl and Dr. Steffen Elstner

Reducing turnaround times in heavy maintenance by focusing in the critical path

By observing the critical path of several C checks from different perspectives, Lumics helped a client uncover a ca. 40 % potential reduction in turnaround time 
by Mark Heinecke-Wolter, Christian Schüberl and Victor Kociok 

Reducing direct costs for thrust reverser MRO services in China

Using a bottom-up and agile project management approach, Lumics helped a client in China reach its goal of reducing direct costs by more than 15% 
by Christian Fontius and Christian Schüberl 

Lumics Project Story: Cargolux Airlines

Gain insight into how Lumics supported the lean transformation initiative of Cargolux Airlines International S.A.'s Maintenance and Engineering Division
by Christian Fontius and Christian Schüberl 

Digital transformation approach for component shops

An insight into digitization in the MRO aviation sector
by Christian Fontius, Christian Schüberl and Dr. Kai-Oliver Zander

Process orientation

An approach to optimize cross-company supply chains - insights from a descriptive study
by Ronja Berger, Dr. Wanja Wellbrock, Oguzhan Aksoy and Dirk Mulzer

Efficient fault management as a success factor

How companies deal with faults correctly and use them as an opportunity
by Nadine Brehm, Oguzhan Aksoy and Dr. Wanja Wellbrock

Digital reporting and certification in the aviation industry

An innovative approach using Lufthansa Technik AG as an example
by Sven Borchert and Dr. Wanja Wellbrock

Lean and Green

Energy efficiency in industrial production
by Tilo Gandenberger, Julia Frauendorf and Dr. Wanja Wellbrock

Don't waste electricity

Internal logistics account for an increasing share of the energy consumption of industrial companies. A detailed analysis of efficiency in this area is therefore becoming increasingly important.
by Dr. Wanja Wellbrock, Tilo R. Gandenberger, Oguzhan Aksoy

Megatrend process orientation

Opportunities and risks for companies
by Ronja Berger, Dr. Wanja Wellbrock, Oguzhan Aksoy