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A successful LEAN transformation is characterized not only by the optimization of processes, but also by organizational changes. Increasing or even generating the necessary willingness to change across all levels is the real tour de force of every project.
Willingness to change as a tour de force
Rail transport and rail vehicle maintenance companies are characterized by far-reaching roots and firm traditional lines. Today, however, the changing times require more and more and faster changes in order to meet the wishes and demands of the customers. In most cases, the resulting willingness to change is the greatest challenge for companies.

Employees are, as it is in the nature of man, strongly accustomed to their routines. They are trapped in habits that have been established for years, they lack the motivation to want to become better, they do not feel valued by the management, they do not have managers with a role model function and thus sink into the monotony of their everyday work.

Although you are dissatisfied with your own situation, you still encounter resistance to change time and again. Statements from employees such as: "nothing will ever change here anyway"; "why should I change, let the high gentlemen get started first" and "nobody ever asked me, because they all think they already know what is best for me", confirm this perception again and again. Therefore it is crucial to actively involve the employees in the change process from the very beginning. This is exactly where we start, bottom up.
Bottom Up as key
Decision-making at management level and subsequent top-down communication to employees usually leads to a lack of motivation and willingness to participate due to misunderstandings and reservations. However, this is absolutely necessary to achieve sustainable improvements across the company. For this reason, we actively involve all employees in the upcoming changes from the very beginning. To this end, we not only work in suits at board level, but also in overalls on the shop floor.

Our team has a special knack for building a connection with employees at all levels. Our authentic manner combined with our experience and expertise forms the basis for trust. We listen to our employees, offer them transparency about our approach, show them the advantages of change and in return demand active participation in shaping their own future.

In this way, we bring employees at all levels together and form the basis for a new work philosophy.
Coaching as success factor
To achieve sustainable success, we use a comprehensive coaching approach at all levels. We not only train managers, but also empower employees. We help managers to take on a controlling and active leadership role and increase the individual competencies of the employees towards a growing personal responsibility.

Our goal is to break down barriers and create mutual understanding. Only a targeted and at the same time appreciative communication ensures a factual dialogue and a common solution. This enables us to bring together employees with opposing views and create synergy effects that are crucial to success.

In our coaching sessions we not only expand existing competencies, but also develop new ones. This helps you to master any future challenges.

...and what we pass on to you

simply all

We incorporate our entire know-how and expertise into your project. Because we are convinced that we do not offer "One-Size-Fits-All" solutions, every transformation is tailored to your needs. We do not leave your employees out in the cold. We actively involve everyone in the design of your transformation across all hierarchies.

Our view of things

an industry facing major challenges

Due to political, economic and social developments, various challenges for the future are emerging. Increasing competitive pressure, demographic change and megatrends such as digitization and climate awareness are just a few examples. We support you in finding and implementing a suitable solution for your company-specific challenges. Our project successes to date show that you can do this with us.
  • The challenges are manifold:
  • Price, time and quality pressure
  • Lack of skilled workers
  • constantly changing framework conditions
  • lack of transparency due to complexity
  • strong regulations
  • We offer them the for you
  • tailor-made solutions:
  • Cost reduction
  • Value stream optimization
  • Digitization
  • LEAN Trainings & Empowerment
  • critical path optimizations
  • supply chain management
  • Organizational Transformations

What makes us special

is our team of consultants

Individual solutions
Our solutions are as individual as our consultants are for you.
Quality standards
We are accustomed to high quality standards in aviation and observe yours in all our activities.
Personalities of integrity
We stand by our words and our actions. You can rely on that.
Sustainability Mindset
We do not only think about a long-term solution for you until the end of the project, but beyond that.
No matter what challenges you are facing. We give everything to give you a secure basis for your successful future.
Wolfgang Lobmeier

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