Our Team

Our team is what makes us unique: At Lumics, highly qualified professionals work side by side with experienced management experts. This is how we build the bridges that our customers need to improve their processes in the long term.
Michael Bitzer, Managing Director

Michael Bitzer

Managing Director
"Managing Lumics is a great and exciting task, because as consultants we do not work so much "for" our clients, but "with" them in a very special way. This puts me right in the middle of it as a consultant, just as I have been in my previous management roles in airlines. It gives me a lot of joy to share this leadership experience with our very different clients and also with our highly motivated Lumics teams. We have a lot of fun together."
Michael was appointed to the management board of Lumics GmbH & Co KG in Hamburg in March 2015. Prior to that, he was a member of the management board of various joint ventures in Germany, England, the United States and Australia for more than 20 years and acted as Accountable Manager for airlines and maintenance operations.
Michael studied aerospace engineering at the Technical University of Braunschweig and holds a Master of Science degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has been involved with special aircraft for many years and has built up an international sales organization in this field. He has been responsible for flight services in Australia since 2002.

Henrik Niedieck

Project Manager
"I am a master of precision mechanics and have experienced the power and added value of operational excellence as a production manager. At Lumics I can fully contribute my knowledge and build bridges between production and management."
Henrik joined Lumics in March 2015 as a senior consultant in Hamburg. Previously, he supervised the Fan Blade Shop of Lufthansa Technik AG in Hamburg for six years and made it the first "Center of Excellence". Henrik has more than 25 years of professional experience in production, repair and administration. He also has management experience in the aerospace, medical and mechanical engineering industries. His strengths are the development of systems for performance management and coaching of managers and employees.
Henrik holds a master's degree in precision mechanics from the Hamburg Chamber of Crafts. He is a trained Kaizen trainer and process coach. His strengths are the development of performance management systems and the coaching of managers and employees.

Detlev Jeske

Managing Director
"Lumics brings together the expertise and experience of two established companies to create something new. This is unique and I am happy to be part of it and to help shape it."
Detlev was appointed Managing Director of Lumics GmbH & Co KG in Hamburg in March 2019. For over 20 years he worked in different functions at Lufthansa Technik AG in Hamburg (Strategic Purchasing, Sales, Production and as CEO for 4 years in Malaysia and 4 years in China). In his functions as CEO he held the responsibility as Accountable Manager for Maintenance Organizations. Before he was working in two medium-size companies for industry goods and the automotive industry as well as serving 10 years in the Federal Armed Forces of Germany, last rank Captain.

Nico Schaal

Senior Consultant
"Lumics offers me all the advantages of management consulting in a start-up environment: a motivated team and fast personal learning by immersing myself in different industries and working methods. This combination is unique."
Nico is part of Lumics since April 2018. Since then he has carried out transformation projects, reduced turnaround times, increased process punctuality and introduced, coached and stabilized performance management elements across various aviation clients. Working with the Digital Capability Center of McKinsey Aachen he was responsible for the development of digital solutions, workshops and learning modules with industry partners. Before Lumics, Nico worked as a project manager in an conglomerate and built up international experience in production, warehouse logistics and administration.
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