Typical challenges

  • Process optimization and “automation”: further development of the technology landscape to cope with investment pressure as well as integration into existing infrastructure in public administration and in the energy sector to provide automated services
  • Customer focus: implementation of effective communication channels, user-centered services and continuous feedback mechanisms
  • Reliable processes and communication: smart modernization combined with high process reliability through collaboration with all stakeholders and moderation of multi-layered interests to ensure successful (construction)
Alternative Energien

Public Sector – Possible fields for consulting

HR processes

  • Digital transformation and technology consulting: Companies need to modernize their HR processes and systems to meet the demands of the digital world, which can be achieved by introducing data analytics to support decision-making processes.
  • Talent acquisition and development: targeted recruitment of qualified specialists, retention of existing employees and promotion of their professional development to build a competent and diverse team
  • Change management: employees must be supported and involved in organizational changes in order to minimize resistance and ensure smooth implementation
  • Leadership development: developing effective leaders is critical to creating a positive company culture to increase employee wellbeing due to the large impact on their productivity and loyalty to the company

Lean organization

  • Organizational development and process optimization: analysis and optimization of organizational structures through process evaluation and identification of inefficient processes to increase administrative efficiency and improve service quality
  • In a lean organization, the structure and processes are made leaner, while a culture of continuous collaboration and improvement is promoted.

Admin processes

  • Successful project risk management: identification, assessment and management of risks through risk management plans and implementation of risk-minimizing measures to ensure successful project completion
  • Sustainability and environmental consulting: support in the creation of sustainability strategies based on the Lumics “Lean Green” concept, the promotion of environmentally friendly initiatives, the analysis of CO2 emissions and the development of measures to reduce emissions
  • The implementation of KPI-based approaches reduces the backlog in the admin processes and increases transparency and process reliability.