Our consulting approach

Observe. Listen. Tackle.

Change can only be successful if there are people leading the way. The Lumics team consists of practicing professionals and experienced consultants with strong implementation skills and a trained eye for implementing efficient workflows. Whether in a suit in the boardroom or in overalls on the shop floor – we meet your employees at eye level, because appreciation and trust form the foundation for successful collaboration with our clients. We take the time to understand where the real problems lie: We observe. We listen. And lend a hand. This is the only way we can make a sound diagnosis and develop the right solution together with our clients.

Our standard

Sustainably utilizing potentials

We know that quick successes are necessary to set transformation processes in motion. But we want to achieve more. Our aim is to leverage long-term potential. We want to empower employees to optimize their work processes independently. In this way, we ensure that the sustainable results of our consulting services.

Inspire and empower – coaching instead of instructing

We empower our clients to live the jointly developed improvements independently and to continuously optimize them. To achieve this, we rely on comprehensive coaching and work with our clients according to the tandem approach: collective operation with delegated tasks.

Success with the tandem approach

Design and stabilization in tandem ensure that our clients truly optimize their processes sustainably. This is because we empower employees to independently improve their workflows now and in the future. In the long term, we ensure a clear description of roles and responsibilities for follow-up. Our advice not only supports the company’s success, but also increases employee motivation. We want to give them back the joy of their work. Instead of hierarchies, we focus on proximity and bringing people together.

Impact orientation: measurable results and improvements

Impact orientation is the basis of our consulting approach. In our projects, we emphasize measurable results and continuous improvement. By defining clear goals, tracking progress against performance indicators and promoting innovation, we bring about meaningful change for our clients to ensure long-term success.

Authentic – in a suit or in overalls

We work as equals to find the best path to excellence with our clients. Together, we identify potential, develop suggestions for improvement and support their implementation. To do this, we work with tried and tested management methods accompanied by communication and training. Sustainable improvements can only be achieved on the basis of a deep understanding of the needs of all those involved. Our teams therefore always combine the worlds of our joint venture partners: technology and management, implementation and leadership. Practitioners with strong implementation skills and experienced consultants work side by side with us. We also build this bridge for our clients.
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