Typical challenges

  • Supply chain management: large infrastructure projects in particular harbor high risks due to the special complexity of interfaces and trades with different dependencies
  • Project and performance management: coordination and control of processes as well as alignment of trades with the help of careful and transparent planning, regular communication and resource allocation to ensure that targets are achieved on budget and on time
  • Workplace safety and technology integration: reducing typically high accident rates through clear communication and monitoring of rules and processes, as well as regular training involving new technologies for optimized accessibility
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Possible fields for consulting

Planning and implementation

  • Lean construction is based on the continuous flow of work and materials. Bottlenecks and delays are identified at an early stage and eliminated with the help of structured problem solving to ensure a smooth flow of work.
  • In “pull principle” planning, work packages are planned from back to front by setting the end date of the project and then tracking the steps required to meet that deadline. Integrating site logistics into this process not only enables realistic planning, but also efficient planning that optimizes material flow, storage and team coordination.
  • Performance management through regular performance dialogues promotes efficient working practices on construction sites by establishing clear objectives, continuous feedback and accountability, optimizing site logistics, resource management and quality control.

Building a lean organization

  • Building lean organizations based on our cross-industry expertise and experience
  • Optimization of administrative and operational processes as well as communication structures in your company and at the construction site
  • Support in the transformation towards a low-waste and continuously improving organization


  • According to VDI, the Lumics Lean Construction certification increases the efficiency and productivity of your construction project – we offer tailor-made certifications to train your team in modern methods that can be directly applied in practice using real-life situations that optimize the construction process.
  • Our program teaches practical skills for integrating lean principles into construction projects and supports you in waste minimization, pull planning and continuous improvement for efficient construction.