The origins of our consulting services are closely linked to the aviation industry. We now use our many years of expertise in this sector to optimize complex processes across numerous other industries. As Lumics, we identify optimization potential for highly variable and unplannable processes. We also develop transparent and controllable plans for implementation.
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Aviation MRO
Aviation MRO
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Lumics’ performance promise:

Working together towards streamlined processes

Based on this foundation, we at Lumics implement sustainable lean management concepts with our clients, ensuring the right momentum towards efficient processes.

We want to soar with you – for excellence in your business.

Lumics’ performance


Working together towards streamlined processes

Based on this foundation, we at Lumics implement sustainable lean management concepts with our clients, ensuring the right momentum towards efficient processes.

We want to soar with you – for excellence in your business.
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Lean MRO

We are experts in sustainable lean management for MRO with extensive experience from the aircraft industry. Through precise process analyses and capacity management, we identify redundancies, optimize workflows and maintenance processes to achieve long-term lead time reduction. We also promote fault awareness and continuous improvement through an employee reporting culture.

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Lean Administration

Our broad experience in process optimization is successfully applied across industries. We also bring operational excellence to our clients’ service processes, jointly develop optimization approaches, establish reporting structures and standards for improved collaboration at critical interfaces. Our consultants coach the project teams on site and promote the continuous exchange of best practices.

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Lean Production

Thanks to our many years of experience in volatile processes, we are a leading partner for the optimization of production processes. We help our clients to increase their delivery reliability through leaner processes, clear KPIs and transparent reporting structures. We empower employees on site to implement continuous improvement independently.

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Lean Logistics

A smooth flow of materials is crucial to a company’s success. With optimized material planning, we ensure efficient supply chains, from supplier management to the point of use. We optimize warehouse processes, help with make-or-buy decisions and ensure stable results through efficient inventory management systems. Our aviation expertise enables us to quickly optimize complex and regulated supply chain structures.


Process-oriented organization

Targeted control of business processes is crucial for long-term corporate success. Companies are increasingly choosing a process-oriented approach in order to act faster and more efficiently. Lumics offers extensive, multi-year experience in transformation projects for process-oriented organization and company optimization, and provides conceptual support and implementation at all levels.

Change Management

Change management

The success of any project stands and falls with effective change management. Creating awareness of planned changes throughout the entire organization is the basis for this process. Understanding organizational structures and stakeholder management is essential for complex projects. A clearly defined vision, change story and communication promote acceptance of change.

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Project Management & PMO

Standardized, structured management is the “heart” of all projects and is always a necessary component, regardless of the content. We maximize the impact of your project through problem solving, scope management, stakeholder management, risk management and project controlling based on transparent key figures. As project managers, we ensure that objectives are achieved on time and within the planned budget.

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Lean Green

In a world that is constantly changing, sustainability is the key to long-term success. Our customized solutions help your business implement environment-friendly practices that not only protect the planet, but also improve your bottom line. Dive into a sustainable future with us and set new standards in your industry.

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People & Human Resources

The true value of a company lies in its people. With our innovative HR solutions, we support you in developing the full potential of your team. From talent acquisition and employee development to creating an inclusive corporate culture – we are your partner on the path to a motivated and high-performing team. Invest in your employees and experience the difference.

Lean Management Experts

We have comprehensive implementational and methodological expertise when it comes to the design and execution of large-scale lean transformations. We optimize operational and administrative processes from the bottom up, from the branch office to the main headquarters.

Professionals in Implementation

Whether in a suit or in overalls, we coach and empower our clients authentically. Through the collaborative help of our change management, we involve every employee and encourage them to take on responsibilities.

The rapid implementation of pilot projects leads the way for the entire company.


Standards of the highest quality as well as the complete traceability of all processes are a must in aviation. In addition to increased safety, your company will benefit from cost savings and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Our consulting approach

Effective solutions for transformative processes emerge through dialogue.

As implementation consultants, we support your company in the implementation of projects and transformational processes. We contribute our lean expertise and process experience from various industries. Our top priority is the sustainable implementation of measures developed together with you. This can only be achieved on the basis of a deep understanding of the needs of all involved. This is why our teams always word to combine the worlds of our joint venture partners: technology and management, implementation and leadership. We work side by side with practitioners with strong implementation skills and experienced consultants.

  • Observe. Listen. Tackle.
  • Potentiale nachhaltig nutzen
  • Success with the tandem approach
  • Inspire and empower – coaching instead of instructing
  • Impact orientation: measurable results and improvements
  • Authentic – in a suit or in overalls