Typical challenges

  • Optimization of processes and reduction of lead times: increasing efficiency and generating savings by streamlining processes, eliminating bottlenecks and implementing best practices (also from other industries)
  • Transparency in the supply chain and cooperation: improving cooperation along the value chain by creating transparency, optimizing logistics processes and implementing regular communication
  • Digital transformation and technology integration: optimizing flexibility and competitiveness by identifying and integrating suitable technologies into existing processes, e.g., to ensure that compliance regulations are taken into account in retrofit projects
Blick auf den Hafen
Am Hafen

Possible fields for consulting

Shipbuilding and ship maintenance

  • Reduction of processing time through optimized synchronization of individual trades and improved material provision as well as the introduction of KPI-based performance management.
  • Increased efficiency through the use of digital technologies to avoid quality problems and obtain improved control and monitoring of machines to enable predictive maintenance.
  • Focus on standardization of components and modular construction methods to increase quality and reduce costs.

Ship operations

  • Reduction of lay times (turnaround day) by increasing efficiency in port preparation, e.g., in cargo operations, fuel and fresh water supply, communication and documentation, etc.

  • Establishment of predictive maintenance and “on-condition monitoring” through the use of IoT sensors and monitoring systems to identify problems at an early stage and minimize unplanned downtimes.

Onshore Services

  • Minimization of bottlenecks and optimization of processes through efficient scheduling and coordination of shipyard visits and repairs.

  • Process streamlining through the efficient management of necessary materials, spare parts, and equipment – from procurement to storage and provision.
  • We implement an effective quality assurance system to ensure specified standards, including documentation of performed work and inspections.