Typical challenges

  • Efficiency: continuous process improvement; sustainable increase in plant availability; and long-term increase in productivity through the application of lean production methods
  • Cost points: analysis of the existing process organization with regard to waste in order to identify potential savings through a holistic view of production and the use of advanced technologies (automation and digitalization)
  • Ramp-up or consolidation: successfully implemented restructuring with transparent and robust planning and control processes, the use of flexible production strategies including make-or-buy decisions, targeted investments in technology and the development of methods to overcome the shortage of skilled workers

Possible fields for consulting

Serial production

  • Efficient planning of production and service processes with high variability by developing effective planning methods and tools for efficient control
  • Empowering employees in their communication and collaboration along optimized production processes with the support of suitable ERP and ME systems
  • By implementing cycle control in serial production, production processes can be synchronized, throughput times shortened and a consistent production rate achieved


Plant engineering– project orientation

  • Optimization of interface management: transparency of existing production processes and interfaces between different departments and functions to reveal inefficiencies as well as redesign collaboration to increase customer benefits while reducing effort and obtaining cost efficiency
  • Diagnosis of plant availability (OEE) and derivation of optimization measures to increase output and employee efficiency
  • Development of maintenance and spare parts concepts for the strategic planning of commissioning processes as well as ensuring the availability and timely provision of spare parts to guarantee smooth system operation and maintenance


Factory planning

  • Identification of strategies and approaches to meaningfully reduce costs in core and support processes as well as ensure long-term sustainability
  • Layout optimization: advice on the design of efficient and ergonomic production layouts to optimize material flow, work processes and resource utilization.
  • Capacity planning and management: support in determining optimal production capacity, resource allocation and utilization management to avoid bottlenecks and maximize efficiency
  • • Green Field/Brown Field Solutions: decision between the construction of a completely new factory (greenfield) or the optimization and modernization of an existing plant (brownfield), taking costs, time and efficiency into account